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There are very few companies that have little to no competition, if at all. How well you conduct your business, the quality of your service or product and the commitment that you make to it's success, all ultimately depend on you. First impressions mean everything and your website is the first meet & greet that your potential new customer or client will see and you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Several Key Factors are the components that create a Website that will truly perform. • A Design that is easily navigated and strategically engages your end user • A Memorable & Consistent Brand • Content that is clear, concise & informative to your target audience as well as search term friendly • Quality Search Engine Optimization built into the backend of your site • and a Marketing Plan that integrates Social Media along with your other marketing stategies, to build brand awareness and grow your customer base, according to your budget and business objectives.


Custom Web Design & Development


Search Engine Optimization


Social Media Marketing & Integration

Create a Unique Look & Feel for Your Brand
Make Your Brand & Web Presence Memorable
Design for the Widest Possible Target Audience
Make Navigating Your Site Intuitive & Easy
Include Quality Internet Marketing Principles
Keep Your Visitor Engaged on Your Site
Develop Meaningful & Informative Content
Keep your Content Clear & Concise
Build in Quality & Target Specific Search Terms
Give Meaningful Names to your Images
Use Alt and Title Tags on Images.
Maintain Key Word Relevancy in your Meta's
Evaluate Social Media Platforms
Define Your Goals (SEO, PR, Traffic...)
Determine Where Your Target Audience is
Provide the Content Your Customers Need
Integrate Social Media into Your Marketing Plan
Manage Your Own Online Reputation

The old adage, "If you build it, they will come", is difficult to apply in the Cyber Age. Statistics from Verisign and are reporting an undetermined amount of Websites that are well over 130,000,000 for 2011; with 150,000 new URL's being added daily. Building a Website that truly performs for your business is something that should be taken very seriously and designed properly from it's inception. Even if your company is just competing locally, can you afford not to put it's best foot forward in our current economy? Don't let your website get lost in the Internet Jungle.


★ Designing Your Website. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.


Branding - Carrying your Web Design & Logo over throughout all of your marketing pieces, produces a viral effect that builds on the essence of your company & helps to make your company instantly recognizable... Handing someone a Business Card that looks as sleek as your Website... Sending email with Stationary that displays your Logo & Brand design... & many of the Major Social Media Platforms, like Twitter and Youtube for example, have made it easy to customize your account to display your brand. The more that you put into developing a graphic presence that is memorable, the more you will increase awareness of your product or service, as well as help you to stand out from your competition.

Designing Your Website. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Cross Browser Compatibility - This issue isn't taken seriously enough on far too many websites. Are you a Firefox user and hit a website where you see text bleeding over the edges of graphic containers? Do you attempt to click on a Join or Menu feature and have those features not be available to you? Have you just completed filling out a long form and then realize that you can't see the Save button anymore? Or you use Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera or Safari and the same kinds of errors occur...

Things like this are all too often overlooked by some high profile websites, in the top Search Engine rankings. Why? Because they do not check for cross browser compatibility and they do not use the W3C Validator to check their own work. (& It's Free!)

Just like a good book needs an editor to read through the content for gramatical errors before Publishing - a conscientious and thorough Web Developer will put their own work through Quality Control to insure that the site is
displaying the same way on multiple browser platforms, in order to reach the Widest Possible Target Audience.

This is a link to the on Browser Statistics. Please notice the top table for 2014. Your site should display and function the same way on every available browser that a potential customer may visit your site through. There are
no excuses for why so many do not.

Branding, Cross Browser Compatibility, Mobile Web Adaptation & Device Independence, Composition & Color Theory, Eye Tracking Study & Research, Web Usability Standards & Up-to-Date Internet Marketing Principles, all play an essential role in designing a Website that creates a positive & memorable User Experience.

★ Search Engine Optimization. Content is King.

  Planning your content is mission critical. Without meaningful content that describes your product or service to your potential new customer, there is little reason for them to stay on your site. Too much information is as frustrating as too little. Your content is the foundation of your site and the basis upon which all of your SEO should be built.

Your Search Engine Optimization should be built into your website from it's initial stages of development. On the backend of your website, your developer should be optimizing that copy into the coding side, which is essentially all of your SEO. There are a number of ways this can be achieved, but it is the responsibility of the developer to insure that this process is performed. All too often, companies are looking for SEO services to help their search engine rankings, AFTER their site has been built, when these things should be done as part of the overall development of the site.

Search Engine Optimization is a key ingredient in the development of a complete website that has the potential to truly perform but Conversion Rate is even more important ... turning that click into a customer.

I'm sure you have experienced this scenario yourself... Many times the results on the first page listings of your search, do not necessarily produce results that display Websites with the best products or services. Instead, you find yourself on a page that is overblown with search terms, which apparently assisted that website in hitting its mark with the Search Engine, but did not demonstrate to you that they were the best product or service for you. In fact sometimes it seems as though they wrote their copy FOR the search engine and NOT you. This could have even been done by an "SEO Optimizing Company".... after the site was built.

Having achieved a great rank in the Search Engines does not automatically tell a visitor that your company is best suited for the job, it just makes their search for the product or service they are looking for, that much more difficult. The Search Engine results are not consistently delivering the best company for the job simply because they wrote mountains of keyword search terms throughout their entire site. Overtly repetiitive content may help a site to do well in searches but that doesn't do a whole lot to keep visitors interested.

Search Engine Optimization. Content is King.

★ Develop a Social Media Marketing Plan. Don't Try to Eat the Whole Elephant.


More and more often, people are turning to Social Media to find the products or services they are looking for and learning from others, what they think of them. There are a number of things that you can do to further enhance your presence on the Internet and your listing in the search engine results that go beyond the scope of the Search Engine Optimization built INTO your site. They are 'organic' in nature and they're a major contributing factor to building your presence on the internet, guaging your product or service response and connecting with your target market. This involves ... Social Media.

Mashable wrote a fantastic artilce on The 22 Step Marketing Plan that is intrinsically educational about how the larger corporations are handling their Social Media Campaigns and the 22 tool sets that are available to help you determine where your Social Media Marketing efforts, would be best utilized. However even this list can be overwhelmiing at first.

By all means look that list over, copy and paste it as a 'checklist guideline' but then do a little homework to help you determine how much of an investment you are prepared to make in your personalized Social Media Plan & where those efforts would serve your company's business objectives & goals, most effectively.

Develop a Social Media Marketing Plan. Don't Try to Eat the Whole Elephant. Here are a few tips on how to get started and a few questions to ask yourself.

Research the different tools sets that are available in Social Media currently. The categories have pretty much leveled off, giving businesses time to analyze where their efforts would be best spent and not just jumping on to those deemed the most popular, simply because everyone else seems to be there. That is not necessarily the case. Look over the tool set groups on Mashable to get a feel for where your product or service might reach your target audience most effectively & then incorporate engaging on that platform, as part of your overall marketing plan.

Choose your Social Media Platforms and REGISTER your Account Name as soon as possible.

Learn about the different Social Media Monitoring Tools available to you. Twitter & Facebook for example, can send you an email whenever someone replies to a post of yours, or sends you a Direct Message. Google Alerts can send you an email informing you of when your chosen Key Word Alerts (like your company name), have been mentioned. There are also monitoring applications like Hootsuite and SocialOomph that provide numerous automation tools for helping you manage your Social Media Accounts.

analyze, measure & refine your approach, strategies and tactics based on your achievements. There isn't one formula for getting the job done, but don't hesitate to start. Jump in.
  Decide how much time and / or money you can devote to building on your Networking. Can you set aside a predetermined amount of time per week to do it yourself or in-house? Keeping in mind the size of your business, your budget & your business goals, determine the need for training or outsourcing for some of your Social Media needs. You can start small and build on your activiity levels, one bite at a time.  

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