Chrome Woman Repurposed

Chrome WomanChrome Woman Repurposed began as a 3D Digital Sculpture that I had built, created the metallic texture for and then incorporated into a graphic for my portfolio in Photoshop. Some time later, Atlantic Digital Image Inc. approached me about purchasing the rights to use her in a video presentation for EmbryRiddle Aeronautical University, which I was all too delighted to be a part of. This client actually helped me to rethink the way that I developed some work. Being cognizant of the idea that I could work smarter and not always harder. That’s an added advantage of working in 3D too, since it is a model, it can be modified in numerous settings, utilizing different textures or lighting and re-rendered, creating an entirely new image from the same original work.

The image below is one slide of the video presentation.

Atlantic Digital Image, Inc for Embry-Riddle