Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach Original Acrylic and Multimedia Diptych PaintingsCrystal Beach Diptych – Original Acrylic and Multimedia Paintings

This was one of the first paintings that I tested out using house paint on. I was quite pleased with the results and it allows me to paint custom colors! I painted these together to create a larger diptych and played with different methods to create varying textures with the paint.

Incorporating several painting methods as well as adding embellishments to add gleam, sparkle, and reflections paired with matte areas.  I wanted this series to be decorative and not subject specific. Just immersing myself in the colors and creating textures with pleasing designs. When I was done it reminded me of an aerial photo of a beach and since it is white sands and glitz and gleam I decided to call it Crystal Beach. There’s a video below to see the textures and variations in the paint up close.

Also, I’m happy this pair found a home and quite unexpectedly! I haven’t really shown them or attempted to sell any yet but a delivery person was here and she happened to see them and flipped for them and asked me if they were for sale – so – I sold them! 🙂 It made me happy to see how happy SHE was to have them.