The Wave

The WaveI’ve broken into a new medium that is filled with challenges and amazing surprises. It allows me to play mixologist with paint and helped me break away from the over working I tend to do with illustrations and watercolor. It’s in many ways freeing but I am very hard on myself and always trying to tame these wild mediums.

Seems though that what I have learned from prior painting experiences gives me great ideas on new things that I want to try with THIS medium. Sometimes the results really blow me away. This is one of them and though I don’t really want to get into the details, I hope that you can see the lovely layers and transparencies that really emulate water. Water as a clear substance and an ever changing and moving natural element.

Add to that my adoration of the ocean, hence this palette, and the methods I chose to use to move the acrylics around to try to bring out the tumultuous nature of a wave and this painting came to life. Happy little surprises! 🙂

More on the way!