TruthWatercolor Painting Arches 140lb Cold Press 22×30

This collection, Female Intuition, was a period of time for me that was highly introspective and quiet. I was processing a lot of things emotionally and a lot of what came through in these paintings turned out to be rather prophetic.

I’d really rather that a viewer take this painting in and like the others that belong to this collection, absorb it and allow it to mean whatever it does to it’s viewer…

The same conceptual theory is in practice here, I use subject matter to represent certain things and the combination of them to form a cohesive ‘story’. Some have said that this card reminds them of Tarot Cards and I suppose in some ways that what this painting meant to me is quite similar to the theory behind individual Tarot cards.

I think though that what the story means to you is more important…

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