bcr8tive.combcr8tive.com was initially designed & developed as a testimony to the skills and experience that I’ve developed in the area of contemporary and mobile web design, digital content production, and social media marketing specialization. The site has performed exceptionally well, monetized and built an organic and growing audience on Pinterest of over 168K.

My social media outlets work in tandem with this blog and a high end retail affiliate marketing program, available to top tier publishers.  It has been a pleasure liaising with many notable designers and artists, acquiring original digital content and contributing to their brand efforts by driving traffic to their work and products.

It’s also been rewarding to know that my tastes are enjoyed by recurring visitors; I endeavor to stay abreast of emerging trends, find the retailers carrying the latest designs, as well as best products for the price. I’m also fortunate to be privy to upcoming sales via the affiliate marketing program and try to make them available to my following.