FeminineWatercolor Painting Arches 140lb Cold Press 22×30

I came across a photo of a model that I just loved the pose of and found it to be so feminine that I felt compelled to paint it, filtered through my own perception of her and the feeling of a shy modesty that it portrayed.

During most of my initial years of learning to draw, I was highly focused on achieving a modicum of perfection in the drawing of people’s bodies. Studying bone structure, muscles and angles etc. I’m fairly certain that focus came from having studied Life Drawing at R.I.S.D., when I was just 12 years old. It was only amplified by my own natural proclivity to analyze and study people and their body language and things like that. It is my opinion that drawing and painting human beings is just about the most difficult of all subject matter, and challenging, at least to me it was. It’s often times the most rewarding as well. Not sure why.

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