Music Gives You Wings

Music Gives You WingsMusic Gives You Wings is a collection of 6 watercolor paintings that I did after learning about the tumor in my head and the surgery that I was about to undergo at Mayo Clinic, in February 2008. I poured myself into these paintings – I suppose as a way to distract myself from worrying about my condition, but also, to leave something of ‘the best of me’ behind, if I didn’t make it through the surgery. Descriptions about these paintings are written on each page.

This painting is the first in the collection. After I learned about the tumor and how severe it was I naturally got very upset. I went to bed one night really very distraught, asking myself how was I going to get through this. When I opened my eyes the next morning, in my head I heard an answer and it said, Music Gives You Wings, Laurie.

I think that I laughed and cried at the same time ~

This collection was on display at The Gallery at House of Stereo in Jacksonville, FL., until I moved in 2010. Tamara McClaran of The Florida Times Union also wrote a very thoughtful story about this exhibit. Professional, high quality prints are available on my ETSY shop.

I and people who have seen the paintings, agree that the internet doesn’t do them justice. The colors aren’t as true as they are when you see them in person and they’re of course, so much larger – 22 x 30 and then larger still when matted and framed. You can see the paper texture and the way the paint weaves in and out of it. Also, this painting is somewhat more coral than the image here. The RGB values on the internet changes them some – but it is what it is. You can see some photos of them in the Gallery on My Watercolor Paintings board on Pinterest.

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