Processing – My Sun & Moon

Processing - My Sun & MoonWatercolor Painting Arches 140lb Cold Press 22×30

I’ve studied & read a lot of esoteric type of things over the years, mostly out of curiosity. I’m an introspective type of person and someone who is eager to learn about a lot of different things.

When it comes time to conceptualize a painting, something that I want to convey visually that is born from emotions, I tend to draw on a lot of the different things I’ve studied as well as things from personal experience, to form a composition.

This particular piece is something akin to a self portrait, though I don’t look like the woman in the painting. More often than not, if there is someone in the painting, they still have something to do with me in one way or another.

I called this “Processing” as it relates to my Astrological Chart and a method upon which I filter information and process it. Some of the details are my personal secrets but for the most part it’s pretty simple after I’ve explained it, isn’t it?

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